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Hey guys,

as I promised we're back!
Prejoin starts today until 17/02/2012.
So get up and join us now to receive 4 prejoin cards. :-)

As you see there's not much on the page so far.
But don't worry all new games, freebies and more sets will come on the grand opening. :-)

Happy to be back and happy to announce that we joined
Facebook! :-) If you join us on Facebook you will have access to freebies from upcoming sets and character sets which are Facebook Exclusive Sets. This means you can only earn cards of these sets on FB, trade them or buy them on the shop.

But what would a prejoin celebration be without freebies???
Right: Lame.
So here you go, take freebies from below:

Take 1 card from all regular sets and comment (total: 18 cards).
Take 2 cards from each music video and comment (total: 12 cards).
Take 1 card from all worth 2 sets and comment (total: 21 cards).
Take 3 cards from all puzzle sets and comment (total: 27 cards).

Don't forget to check out our Facebook page for more freebies!

Stay tune and have fun!

Written comments:

OMG so many cards. =) I took Events01,02,03,04, Layouts01,02,03,04, Sarah03, Smith02, Williams13, Alexis04, Shiri08, Welling07, Jensen06, Jared05, Benjamin12, Beth10, Dobrev10, Somerhalder13, Wesley06, Clooney07, Jackman11, Damon03, Scarlett14, Charlize02, Womanizer05,08, ComeOn11,14, MyName17,23, MyImmortal08,24, Boulevard04,14, Sexyback06,19, Green03, Alias14, Senshi08, Chthon10, Greys08, Practice11, Prison15, JackRose04, ParisHelena13, 27dresses22, Final1_02,14, Blonde2_18, Diaries2_07, Stepford11, Vanhelsing10, Line15, PaigeHenry19, PiperDan18, JoeyPacey14, RoryJess11, LexZandra24, Heroes-P1_04,18,35, Heroes-P2_11,26,33, Hunters-P1_06,20,41, Hunters-P2_05,17,32, Jared-MP04,07,10, HSM2P09,24,38, HSM3P03,21,33, Twilight-P1_16,24,39, Eliza-MP01,09,14. Thank u. =)

Newssystem is crazy!!!!!

Took Events 01, 02, 03, 04, Layouts01, 02, 03, 04, Sarah02, Smith01, Williams01, Alexis01, Shiri01, Welling01, Jensen04, Jared01, Benjamin01, Beth01, Dobrev01, Somerhalder10, Wesley01(Paul Wesley)trade, Clooney01(George Clooney), Damon01, Jackman01, Scarlett01, Charlize01, Womanizer09, 18, Come On02, 03, My Name01, 02, My Immorta01, 02, Boulevard01, 02, Sexyback01, 02, Green10, Alias01, Senshi11, Chthon09(Blade - House of Chthon)trade, Greys06, Practice01, Prison01, Jack/Rose11, Paris/Helena22, 27 Dresses01, Final 103, Blonde201, Diaries 201, Stepford01, Van Helsing01, Line01, Paige/Henry02, Piper/Dan03, Joey/Pacey18, Rory/Jess01, Lex/Zandra01, Heroes?P101, 15, 21, Heroes?P201, 02, 03, HSM2?P01, 02, 03, HSM3?P01, 02, 03, Hunters?P101, 03 05, Hunters?P201, 03, 04, Twilight?P101, 02, 03, Eliza?MP02, 03, 04 & Jared?MP01, 02, 03. Thanks :-)

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