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Grand Opening19/02/2012
Hey guys,

today is the big day: Passionate Dreams celebrates its Grand Opening!
So now you can play more games, fulfill more quests and earn more cards.

Just to let you know: The first quest Get the party started ends next sunday and an additional task 2 for the first part was added.
We also have a new quest: There's something in the air...
More quests will be added tomorrow and on tuesday.

Once again we can't celebrate without freebies! So take:

You can also take cards from these new sets (except for cards #1 and #2, e. g. no holly01, 02):

- Holly Marie Combs
- Shannen Doherty
- Alyssa Milano
- Rose McGowan
Take 1 card and comment (total: 4 cards).

- Blue (Color)
- Spongebob Squarepants
- Prue + Andy
- Rory + Dean
- Lana + Jason
- Troy + Gabriella 3
Take 2 cards and comment (total: 12 cards).

- Evanescence - Call me when you're Sober
- Jessica Simpson - Angels
Take 2 cards and comment (total: 4 cards).

- Saby's Fave Boys
- Saby's Fave Girls
Take 2 card and comment (total: 4 cards).

- Miss Aly Puzzle
- Miss Holly Puzzle
- Miss Rose Puzzle
- Miss Shando Puzzle
Take 3 card and comment (total: 12 cards).

And last but not least one of my favourite Puzzle Sets:
- Claus Capek Mini Puzzle ()
Take 2 card and comment (total: 2 cards).

I've also changed Facebook Exclusive Sets to Facebook/Forum Exclusive Sets (= FES) to give members without facebook a chance to collect them, too.
New FES will be added tomorrow.

Although we had only a prejoin periode we got some level ups.
Level Up: Anne and Sam (1 -> 5)

@Sam and Amanda: You will get your prejoin badges later. Amanda, please tell me your favourite TV show for the badge.

Stay tune and have fun!

Written comments:

wow, I loooove the new puzzles of the charmed actresses. =) I took Event05,06, Holly07, Alyssa11, Rose13, Shannen09, Blue06,15, PrueAndy07,14, Squarepants07,11, RoryDean15,17, LanaJason08,12, TroyGabriella3_14,18, YoureSober09, 26, Angels10,13, SabyGirls04,07, SabyBoys04,07, MissAlyP16,26,36, MissHollyP09,19,29, MissRoseP14,24,34, MissShandoP11,21,31, ClausP08,12 Thank u!!! =)

events05, events06, holly08, shannen03, alyssa13, rose13, troygabriella314, troygabriella320, rorydean07, rorydean15, lanajason14, lanajason20, squarepants01, squarepants19, prueandy07, prueandy10, blue09, blue20, youresober18, youresober20, angels14, angels17, saby-boys05, saby-boys07, saby-girls11, saby-girls13, ma-p12, ma-p13, ma-p14, mh-p11, mh-p12, mh-p13, mr-p03, mr-p04, mr-p05, ms-p12, ms-p13, ms-p14, claus-mp06, claus-mp07, thanks!

Took events05, 06, holly08, shannen08, alyssa13, rose11, blue06, 24, squarepants08, 22, prueandy10, 13, rorydean08, 15, lanajason14, 20, troygabriella303, 09, youresober29, 30, angels06, 20, sabysfaveboys07, 13, sabysfavegirls05, 14, ma-p13, 36, 37, mh-p12, 13, 21, mr-p07, 12, 23, ms-p07, 12, 25, claus?mp03, 06

events05, events06, holly08, shannen05, alyssa04, rose03, blue09, blue16, squarepants25, squarepants17, prueandy10, prueandy07, rorydean15, rorydean07, lanajason06, lanajason05, troygabriella305, troygabriella311, youresober07, youresober13, angels04, angels06, saby-boys05, saby-boys10, saby-girls05, saby-girls10, ma-p12, ma-p13, ma-p14, mh-p11, mh-p12, mh-p13, mr-p11, mr-p12, , mr-p13, ms-p12, ms-p13, ms-p14, claus-mp04, claus-mp09

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