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New Member, new games, new sets26/02/2012
Hey guys,

unfortunately I don't have enough time to prepare new quests. So I would like to know if you need more time with GET THE PARTY STARTED or not. Otherwise I will remove this quest in the next three days.

Congrats to Anne & Steph who completed this first quest successfully! Rewards will hopefully given out next weekend.

Then I would like to thank Sam for referring Betty!
Welcome Betty!

Once again we have some level ups this week:
Level Up: Anne (5 -> 10), Steph (1 -> 7), Amanda (1 -> 2)

Games updated: Lotto, Bingo, Lucky Numbers, The Da Vinci Code (I + II), Pick a Star and Hangman

You will get the rewards for the Favourite's Game next weekend as well.

Please also check the game section for Members' Choice Awards and help us to find your favourite sets.

As an alternative for the new quests I decided to add a weekly challenge to the updates. Here are the rules:

- if you want to join the challenge reply to this update with "I'm in"
- you have to pay 10 Heart Points as a fee

Possible Prizes are:
- complete the challenge successfully: 50 Heart Points, 5 orange Apples, 5 pink Kaos, 5 cards of an upcoming puzzle set of choice
- complete the challenge partially: 5 Heart Points, 1 orange Apple, 1 pink Kao, 1 random card of an upcoming regular set (for each completed part)

This week's challenge:
Get 3 new affiliates for Passionate Dreams (Note: You have to ask other TCGs if they want to be an affiliate of PD).

Hope everything is clear!? If not please feel free to ask.

Last but not least:

Take 1 card from each row from the new sets below:

Stay tune and have fun!

Written comments:

OMG I want to collect the set charmed & TheTribe. Theye are so beautiful. =) I take: Canning03, Pattinson08, Boys15, Boots02, Charmed09, TheTribe14, Guy07, Geisha10 Thanks a lot. =) And: I'm in. ^^

I'm in for the challenge! Loving the Robert Pattinson deck :-) canning03, pattinson10, boys12, boots04, charmed06, thetribe13, guy-mp06, geisha-p08

Great! Anne & Sam please take down 10 Heart Points.

Took canning05, pattinson09, boys15, boots01, charmed07, thetribe11, guy06 & geisha07

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