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New Sets and Games' Update11/03/2012
Hey guys,

sorry for not updating last tuesday.

Therefore this update is bigger than I planned it.

Master: Anne (thetribe_amber, lexzandra), Steph (dobrev) - Congrats!

To celebrate the first master please take:

And here are more freebies for you:

Regular Sets:
Jennifer Aniston - Take 1 and comment.
Chad Michael Murray - Take 1 and comment.
Dominic Monaghan - Take 1 and comment.
Avril Lavigne - Take 1 and comment.

Rare Sets:
Christina Aguilera - Ain't no other Man - Take 3 and comment.
Destiny's Child - Emotion - Take 2 and comment.
Justin Timberlake - Like I love You - Take 3 and comment.

Special Sets Worth 2:
Red - Take 2 and comment.
Dawson's Creek - Take 1 and comment.
Andie + Pacey - Take 2 and comment.
Lynette + Tom - Take 2 and comment.

Puzzle Sets:
Lost Puzzle - Take 3 and comment.
The Black Dahlia Puzzle - Take 3 and comment.

Please note that I have extended the following couple sets

- Paige + Henry
- Piper + Dan
- Prue + Andy
- Joey + Pacey
- Lana + Jason

Choose two of these sets and take 1 card from each (total of 2 cards, please comment).

I've also updated some games at the forum and Go Fish, Guess, Hide-and-Seek, Puzzle and Word Games. Added Guess the Couple and Fill in the Blanks. Hope you like them.

I will send out the prizes for the quest and the weekly challenge this week.

To my new affiliates: Will add you with the next update.

The next weekly challenge is:
Comment on Members Set I: Favourite Actresses at the forum or help me searching pictures for at least one couple set from Facebook.

This time you don't have to spent anything to join the challenge but please comment if you're in or not.

Stay tune!

Written comments:

I took Events07, Aniston09, Chad07, Monaghan14, Avril13, NoOther04,20,22, Emotion13,19, Like02,18,25, Red05,18, Creek05, AndiePacey04,22, LynetteTom05,20, LostP09,24,35, DahliaP09,16,23, PrueAndy20, PiperDan24. =) Thanks a lot. And: I am in.;)

Took events07 New Sets: aniston02, chad01, monaghan02, avril12, noother01, 02, 03, emotion03, 16, like01, 11, red12, 20, creek10, andiepacey04, 25, lynettetom01, 02, lost?p03, 04, 33, dahlia?p11, 34 & 35 Extended Sets: joeypacey02 & lanajason15 Thanks :)

events07, aniston02, chad15, avril12, noother01, noother18, noother28, emotion03, emotion11, like01, like15, like23, red06, red15, creek04, andiepacey05, andiepacey19, lynettetom04, lynettetom23, lost-p13, lost-p14, lost-p15, dahlia-p16, dahlia-p17, dahlia-p18, joeypacey02, lanajason01

I'm in on the challenge as well :-)

events7, aniston14, chad01, monaghan10, avril05, noother17, noother18, noother27, emotion08, emotion09, like02, like11, like12, red05, red06, creek02, andiepacey24, andiepacey25, lynettetom04, lynettetom18, lost-p14, lost-p15, lost-p16, dahlia-p16, dahlia-p17, dahlia-p18, prueandy18, piperdan23

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