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Easter :-)09/04/2012
Hey guys,

hope you enjoyed Easter and found some eggs???

Unfortunately once again I don't have much time to update and to write here a lot. But I will do at the weekend and I will try my best answer some posts at the forum in the next days.

Please check Facebook for exclusive freebies of 4 new character sets: Piper Halliwell (Charmed), Phoebe Halliwell (Charmed), Kelly Donovan (The Vampire Diaries) and Lisa (V).

As a little gift I would like to give you the event card and some choice cards:

Please take
- 5 regular cards of choice
- 4 rare cards of choice (no characters)
- 3 cards of choice worth 2
- 2 cards of choice worth 3

And as I promised here is Part I of the brandnew quest: Save Easter
The next parts will be released in the next days.
If you decide to join the quest you will get the chance to get two masterbadges for it. Please remember that you need fulfilled quests for level up.

Will check my mails now and answer some posts for Master, Doubles Exchange and Passionate Collection now. Lucky Numbers, The Da Vinci Code I + II and Hangman will be answered tomorrow and on wednesday.

Stay tune!

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I take Events08, Alyssa4,06,07,09,10, Emotions09, NoOther04,05, Like25, TheTribe16,17,18,MissRoseP25,26. Thank you very much. ;)

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