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Still Alive22/04/2012
Hey guys,

hope you're all fine!?
Long time ago since the last bigger update.
I'm so sorry for that but right now I have to concentrate on getting a new job and then I have to work on my current one because we have a congress starting at 9th May. After work I'm too tired to do something for the TCG.
I'm feeling like a robot when I play games on Facebook and I wish I could feel like a robot when I work on PD. Would be easier.

Well let's start with the games. The following categories have been updated:

Guess Games
Puzzle Games
Hide-and-Seek Games

I've added two new games: Passionate Cards and Guess the Band/Musician.
Go Fish and the Members' Choice Awards have also been updated.
Forum will be updated later and the next part of Save Easter will be added soon.

Please also check out the new random freebies!

And last but not least take some cards from the new sets:

Regular Sets:
Keanu Reeves - Take 1 and comment.
Emily Deschanel - Take 1 and comment.
Madonna Ritchie - Take 1 and comment.
Justin Chambers - Take 1 and comment.

Rare Sets:
Christina Aguilera - Keeps gettin' Better - Take 3 and comment.
Lindsay Lohan - First - Take 3 and comment.

Special Sets Worth 2:
Friends - Take 1 and comment.
The Black Dahlia - Take 2 and comment.
Ebony + Slade - Take 2 and comment.
Buffy + Angel - Take 2 and comment.

Puzzle Sets:
The Chronicles of Narnia 1 Puzzle 2 - Take 4 and comment.
The Chronicles of Narnia 2 Puzzle 1 - Take 4 and comment.
Lisa Kudrow Mini Puzzle - Take 2 and comment.
Julia Stiles Mini Puzzle - Take 2 and comment.

That's it for the moment. Next update will come on the next weekend, then I promise I will add my affiliates.

Stay tune!

Written comments:

Update Freebies: reeves05, emily10, madonna01, chambers01, gettin01, 02, 03, first01, 14, 20, friends10, dahlia01, 02, ebonyslade01, 25, buffyangel07, 15, narnia 1?p230, 31, 32, 33, narnia 2?p128 ,29,30, 31, kudrow-mp01, 06, julia-mp01 & 07

I took Reeves08, Emily07, Madonna11, Chambers05, Gettin04,11,17, First02,12,25, Friends07, Dahlia15,25, EbonySlade08,11, BuffyAngel20,21, Narnia1P2_05,19,29,34, Narnia2P1_02,12,22,32, Kudrow-MP09,10, Julia-MP09,10. Thank you. =)

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