20.08.2018 - Sao Paulo cancelled
We are very sorry, but we have to cancel Sacred Steel's appearance at the Guaru Metal Fest 2018 in Sao Paulo on September 8, 2018. We were euphoric, ready and had finished the setlist. But it is now less than three weeks and contrary to our agreement with the organizer there are still no booked flights for us to Brazil. In the short time it will also no longer be possible to find flights that are still affordable, as the flight costs naturally become even more expensive the closer the date comes. To play just one single show in Brazil, that can no longer be financed.

For this reason we do not want to keep up false expectations of festival visitors who want to see Sacred Steel there. The organizers have informed us that tickets purchased there can be returned.

We would also like to make it very clear at this point that we have NOT made any exorbitant monetary claims or other claims. Our deal was very simple: You book and pay for the flights and our hotel - we come and give you Heavy Metal to End. That's it! No further fee, technical requirements, special equipment expectations or anything else. Nothing. The reason why we do such stupid "deals" is simple: We love Heavy Metal and we love Sacred Steel and if somewhere in the world someone loves Heavy Metal and Sacred Steel as much as we do, he is welcome to invite us. But we have to be able to rely on our deal being kept and the flights etc. being booked and paid for on time. Unfortunately, that was not the case here.

We know that Deca and the rest of the Guaru Metal Fest crew tried to find a solution until the end. They' re on it with heart and soul, but it didn't work out. Therefore we wish you Brazilian Metalheads all the best, a great festival, .... but unfortunately without Sacred Steel.
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