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Neuigkeiten über unseren Service

Additional services

We are happy to announce our two new services. From now on you can create a simple but astonishing guestbook and a web widget to manage your opening times on your homepage. Please give us as much feedback as possible about these two services.

Michael Fischer | 24.04.2011

More newssystems and galleries per account

We have increased the number of newssystems and galleries per user account. Now it is possible for every user to create 15 newssystems and 15 galleries. Thereby it should be easier for webmasters to integrate a lot of our plugins into their websites. Best Wishes Michi

michi | 24.04.2011

Deleting comments and adding smilies

We have improved our comment management. So we hope you are able to delete your comments of your news or pictures more comfortable. Furthermore we added some smilies for writing news. There will be more smilies after the next days.

michi | 23.03.2008

Automatical login

We have added an automatical login for our administrators and authors. So you are able to manage our services faster and more comfortable.During the last two days we have tested the automatical login and it should be working fine now. If there are still some errors report us please.

michi | 13.03.2008

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